Client Feedback

"I was referred to Guido via the NHS at a time when I was at breaking point. I had stored up years of problems – unhappy, emotionally neglectful childhood, abusive marriage, autistic son, the death of my closest friend and a long career in art and design, a roller coaster of highs and lows. I also had a distrust of men and wasn’t sure I would be able to be open up and be honest with Guido. After my NHS sessions I knew he was the one person who could help me put my anger to bed, belief in myself, trust again and move forward with my art. Guido is always at the end of the telephone for support and knowing that is often all I need to work through things myself." Elizabeth 62 (Artist and designer) 

"I was given Guy's details by a friend who had told me Guy had changed her life. I was very unhappy at the time, having just ended a long term relationship but working with Guy really helped. We explored long standing issues like my low self confidence and issues relating to trust. I feel that I am a better person because of it" Rowena 44 (Senior Accountant).

"I came across Guy's details in a local coffee bar. I saw that he gave discounts to people working in the arts, so I thought I'd give it a punt. It was a transformative experience. I feel much better about myself and how I live my life" George 26 (Musician).

"I'd never been to counselling before and was intimidated by the prospect. But Guy was very easy to talk to. We worked well together and I was able to address the issues that had been bringing me down, He offers discounts for people who work in the arts and the charity sector which really helps if you're on a tight budget" Tom 29 (Curator).

"I had always wanted to be happy but found this impossible. I was frustrated, bitter and angry. Previous experiences of psychotherapy hadn't been great but I decided to give it another go. I found Guido online. Three years later I feel positive about who I am. I had spent so much time in search of myself when all I really needed to do was to accept myself". Bianca 37 (Architect).

"I was in my early 40s and still hadn't had the courage to "come out", I come from a very conservative culture. I was living another persons life. Guido helped me live the life I wanted to live, to be proud of who I am". Vlad 44 (MD).

"I was put on the NHS waiting list by my GP but I still hadn't seen a counsellor after 8 months. This was making me very frustrated as I needed to talk to somebody about my issues. I had been hesitant about seeking private therapy as it's so expensive. I was given Guy's details by a close friend who told me Guy offered those working in the arts a discount. It proved to be great timing. I found Guy easy to talk to and we soon established a trusting relationship. As a consequence I have been able to turn my life around." Helena 27 (Artist).

"I worked with Guido for about 18 months, it was a transformative experience. My friends and family tell me how I have changed, saying I'm more positive and how much happier I appear. They're right. I feel all that! I have an immense gratitude to Guido."  Clarissa 43 (Actress & model).

"Guido really helped me work on my issues. I have quite complex needs and had problems with intimacy, rejection and anger. Guido helped me work on these. It was hard at times but very worthwhile" Mary Jane 35 (MD).

"I'm so happy to have worked with Guido. I feel so much better for it. I have come to understand what was motivating my poor life choices. I am far more self confident. I can now accept myself for who I am'  Lucien 59 (Stock broker)